Air Balancing
Hydrair Balance Company performs testing and balancing of all types of air delivery systems. Whether it be conventional H.V.A.C. Systems, Bio Hazard, Pharmaceutical or Industrial, we have the personnel and equipment required.

Hydrair meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau. Recognizing that the objective is to meet the requirements of comfort, safety and energy efficiency, each air delivery device is carefully tested and adjusted to design tolerance. Any deficiencies are discussed with the installing contractor with corrective measures resulting in design conditions being satisfied.

Water Balancing
The water distribution systems for hot water heating and chilled water cooling as well as other specialized systems require the same attention to detail that the air systems receive. Our technicians are equally versed in the science of hydronics and are capable of trouble shooting, correcting or coordinating the correction of system problems or deficiencies.

Recognizing that hydronic systems must be quiet and efficient while minimizing maintenance requirements, our technicians perform water balancing with these factors in mind while meeting or exceeding the specification requirements.Water balancing is unique in that the technician cannot readily hear or feel the heat transfer medium. Highly qualified technicians using specialized testing equipment perform scientific tests and adjustments to establish a properly balanced system.

Pressure & Leakage Testing

Hydrair Balance Company is prepared to perform pressure and leakage testing of H.V.A.C. supply, return and exhaust systems ranging from 0-2000 cfm, 0-72" w.g. positive or negative. These high capabilities enable Hydrair to satisfy the most demanding specifications for commercial and industrial applications. This equipment is portable and has been calibrated to the National Bureau of Traceable Standards. Test procedures are referenced to the industry standards. Excessive leakage may cause loss of energy, noise, high utility bills and hazard to health and safety.

Vibration Testing
Hydrair Balance Company is experienced in the methods of performing accurate vibration testing of all types of H.V.A.C. rotating equipment. The design engineer's objective is to verify that each piece of equipment to record vibration analysis falls within the allowable limits of vibration.

If excessive vibration goes undetected, costly down time and repairs may result, affecting building operations. If detected prior to occupancy, warranty repairs will result in no expense to the owner and no effect on daily operation.

Sound Testing
An acoustically acceptable H.V.A.C. system is dependent upon several factors. Proper design and installation of the H.V.A.C. system is necessary for a quiet building environment. Building acoustical design and presence of sound deadening accessories such as drapery or carpeting helps building acoustics. However, the quality of building acoustics can only mask a noisy H.V.A.C. system.

The testing and balancing of the air and hydronic systems to design requirements while minimizing the use of dampers and valves is equally important in building acoustical quality. It is the responsibility of Hydrair Balance Company and its technicians to perform accurate "A" scale and octave band analysis to graphically illustrate the building acoustics and how the HVAC systems affect the building noise level. The architect and engineer can then evaluate these results to determine if any corrective measures are needed.