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Albert D. Hawkins, Jr., CEO - Mr. Hawkins has been serving the H.V.A.C. testing and balancing industry for the past 36 years. Mr. Hawkins brings to Hydrair Balance Co., Inc. diverse experience as a business owner and as a previously NEBB-qualified Supervisor and AABC Certified Engineer. He has supervised a multitude of projects of all sizes and types throughout the United States, as well as overseas. Mr. Hawkins is also an expert HVAC testing and balancing professional witness.


Hydrair Balance was one of the founding members of the Associated Air Balance Council. The AABC is a non-profit association of professional test-and-balance agencies. Member firms must meet demanding membership requirements and they are pledged to uphold a strict code of professional conduct and practice.

National Balancing Council - NBC professionals can identify how much of the BTU capacity of the system is being delivered to the occupied space. This allows the building owner or engineer to gain a unique insight to the system’s operating performance vs. design capacity. Thorough diagnostics allow technicians to pinpoint system defects and deficiencies and make accurate, knowledgeable recommendations to achieve optimum performance. No other TAB organization offers this in-depth level of actual delivered system performance analysis of your environmental systems, we are currently NBC certified.

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